ON1 Force

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Site address: www.oniforce.com
Application text: 0N1 Force is a side-profile NFT project made up of 7,777 hand-drawn, generative characters, with a lo-fi anime aesthetic.

The project contains elements of anime, role-play, story-telling, and world-building.


Life in the ethereal enclave was peaceful and prosperous. Rule under the emperor granted eternal life; infinite leisure for music, arts, and poetry.

For many this was bliss, but when the emperor suddenly died without an heir, everything collapsed.

What was once everlasting has now been condensed to a mere 7,777 hours.

Now, gathering means for survival as society crumbles, the 0n1 face their greatest enemies: themselves.‍


The 0N1 Force community currently gathers in an active discord server ( https://discord.gg/0n1force ) to discuss the project as well as to participate and add to lore using their own 0N1 Force characters.

The 0N1 Force developer team is continuously building, currently working on a comic release that is in production; bringing forth an RPG game; metaverse options for holders, and much more.

We are looking to create a wiki through wiki dot in order to better consolidate our information and lore for new community members to be more easily onboarded to the story and are better equipped to insert their own characters into an already moving story.