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Application text: Holders of niche sexual fetishes, for example, foot fetish, masochists and many others, could be so shy to share what they really into in the daily life.
As one of them, and an amateur novelist of these 'special' fetishes, I would like to create a space where people like me can share and discuss about these interests freely, and also a room for painters and writers share their amazing artworks.
Noted that Pixiv and other websites already carried a part of the funtions that I want, I'd say that a small&particular site just for interested people is much better than searching in a giant comprehensive website. Besides, we have raised hundreds of people in form of different groups based on some instant messaging softwares, but the funtions are still not enough for us.
Thus, I'd like to apply for a place for this promising land for us special lovers, and I wish this application will gained your agreement and help.
You can contact me via