New England Rock History

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Application text: I was actively involved with the Boston music scene for 15 years and have a large network of friends, band members, writers and general music lovers and as various websites come and go and venues close much of the history of the music scene is currently very fragmented or unavailable but collectively and with input from a large number of sources and people willing to contribute it could become a great resource for the community it serves. I would like to get it started and enlist friends to help contribute historical information, and then have the wiki become a place where everyone can have access to the information in one place. Wouldn't it be great for us to have one place to go to try to figure out which date our favorite band opened for that band in that venue, or variations on that theme? With this site and the help of a very passionate music community I believe we could build out an amazing wiki that will be a valuable resource for everyone who loves music, and has ever lived or may live in the New England area.