Women's Amateur Wrestling

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Site address: waw.wikidot.com
Application text: Women's wrestling is the fastest growing collegiate sport in American now. With Helen Maroulis winning a gold medal for the U.S. at the Summer Olympics in Rio this year, it has really brought attention to the sport. Right now, wrestling tops the list of sports with the highest number of high school competitors for a female sport that is not sanctioned by the NCAA. While there are many sites that focus on local, state, education-level, or other specific aspects of women's wrestling, there is no one single source hosting information this sport for which I have so much passion. This site would contain pages for various scholastic and club-level information for all levels, and the wiki format will provide some excellent features, but two that immediately come to mind. First, the category tagging feature would allow pages to be easily linked to multiple content areas. Second, as the site grows, different aspects of the site can be managed by members focused on those specific areas (such as state-specific programs, or scholastic-level programs, etc.).

I am a Bronze-level (soon to be Silver) certified coach through USA Wrestling and coach for the Michigan Women's Wrestling Team, which is a team of the best female wrestlers from Michigan who travel the country to compete. Many girls from our program are wrestling on scholarship at the college level. Through my experience, I have a vast network of contact within the women's wrestling community, from the youth through collegiate level. If approved, my goal is to utilize this network to help build, manage, and grow this site.

Additionally, I am an online college professor, with four degrees and over two decades of experience in business and IT, which will further help me to build and expand this site.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.