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Application text: We're aiming for something like "open source government" and "open source civics" at my school. A team of students is aiming at this because current power holders are corrupt, and corrupt to the point that they're incompetent at public service, and they've been keeping hold of power for way too long through corrupt means. So we're sort of an insurgency that's looking to upturn the current power holders by offering open source public goods to build a community that will no longer be reliant on the favor of a nepotistic oligarchy or on the aid of slow-moving bureaucrats.

When we use a term like "open source government", we consciously combine IT culture with the social and political. In our minds, digital infrastructure seems key to revolutionizing how communities are organized. Ethics seems at its most cutting edge in the fast paced communities of IT culture and particularly open source culture. These innovations should be brought back over to help nourish and uplift the old world, where corruption and scarcity and slowness and a general rat race are all still common toxic problems.

This'll be a site for building community and grassroots empowerment at our school.