Application for a community website I am creating.

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Application text: I currently do not have a website hosted on WikiDot.

I am very interested in allowing my community, and even people who never met me, to contribute in a project I am currently planning. There will be archives of fictional species or objects that are hidden from the external world to majorly avoid the world getting scared about what it is, or the features it presents.

The community will be able to suggest new entities to be added to the archive. I am also planning to develop a future game -- created with Unity -- that has some of these entities in it. I think my community will really like this concept idea because they can get involved in helping without much to do.

It would be cool to put a website up here for people interested in horror/mystery informative archives, and the ability to add onto it and make it thrive. Our goal is to make it custom and unique as possible, with interacting with the community and gaining feedback to improve this whole website, or idea.

So, what's the name of my wiki? The primary name is RIE, which is an abbreviation that stands for "Recondite Initiative Establishment", a fictional company that maintains the entities. This whole idea was inspired by the SCP Foundation, and I think people will really enjoy another type of project similar to something they really like.