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Site address: none yet
Application text: I am looking to start a Wiki site for Naturopathic Doctors. We are a profession of several thousand individual practitioners who would greatly benefit from shared knowledge. My idea is to have our community of doctors create a database of information relating to nutraceuticals, supplements, treatment protocols, anything helpful to our practice of medicine, with the ability to link research articles and a discussion forum for each entry. Entries can then be peer reviewed by other users. This would be private group requiring users to be Naturopathic Doctors or ND students. Things like continuing education modules could be added. I would like this to be run under a (not yet created) non-profit. Funds would be raised for business expenses and several employees from advertising on the site from outside parties. A nominal subscription fee would be charged to members who would like to have access to the database but not contribute; contributing members would have access at no charge (the idea is that each member could decide to either contribute personally or pay to have a hired fellow member make contributions, thus guaranteeing the growth of the database). I am a Naturopathic Doctor myself, have lots of enthusiasm and ideas, have connections in our National Board and elsewhere to make this successful, but I have NO IDEA about the tech side of this. How could WikiDot help me with this endeavor?? Thanks!