Esperanto familioj

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Site address:
Application text: We currently have a wikispace at wikispaces but unfortunately they are closing down their free sites - this is our site

We are therefore looking for a new home for it. We are a community of people who use Esperanto at home and the site brings together links of useful material (songs, books, websites) for parents who are teaching Esperanto to their children as a domestic language from a young age.

I set up this site about 10 years ago together with two other parents and it has had a life of its own since then as our children have grown and other parents have become more active.

That being said I am not a wiki expert. I set this up as a novice and some more informed parents help to tweak the site for our needs.

If you could in any way help with the migration of the site, that would be really useful. For now I have just downloaded the contents in an HTML format so the data is not lost, but I'm not really knowledgeable about how best to transfer it elsewhere.

I hope your site is relatively self-explanatory and would welcome any support your team could offer me.

Thanks in advance