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Site address: https://cshvisit.wikispaces.com
Application text: Hi, I am writing as the director of a research center in Switzerland: the Center for Space and Habitability (CSH). Among other things, we are involved in the search for life elsewhere in our Galaxy and we were part of the TRAPPIST-1 team. The CSH has an active visitor's program, which hosts scientists from all over the world for an active, intellectual exchange of ideas. We used a Wikispaces site to help us schedule the visits of these international scientists. Unfortunately, Wikispaces is closing down in summer 2018, which is a real pity because such a simple, grassroots-driven approach was working really well for us. We are wondering if the Wikidot team will support us with a similar website? We are a non-profit entity, but we are willing to pay for services. We simply want a simple, fuss-free way to coordinate the schedules and activities of scientists, who visit us from all over the world.