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Site address: adelaide canoe club
Application text: I am building out a Wiki using Google Sites but have learnt this is not accessible if the users do not have a Gmail account. Adelaide Canoe Club serves the Adelaide-based kayaking community in South Australia. We need an online Knowledge Base to make available our Operations Handbook, provide an area for sharing Technical Info and resources, trip planning and location information and ideally a Forum type area. We are a not-for-profit community organisation, our fees are AUD105 per person per year - of this AUD100 goes to the State body and we as a Club make AUD5 so we are not in a position to pay for a Wiki based on our current revenue model!

As this site would be a private Mmbers Wiki we would not need extra promotion as listed below. Not sure about additional features as I haven't used wikidot for some years and am not up to speed with current versions.

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