Trethix To Earth

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Application text: The AI loomed over the glowing, yellowed eyed man, Injuring him to the point of no return. This is just part of a community story I am attempting to build, and with your guys' help. The main reasons I believe that this should become a community site, is that the community I have for this is already invested even if it is small, I find it incredibly interesting and I feel others will too, not only all of this, but as well about introducing something I feel is original. This would all be capable if you helped!

The community of this idea I have is small, but these people that are in it are already invested into the idea and story. In the events of taking a poll with them, it was found out that they would love a community site for the information and story to continue. Not only would the community site help us do this, it would allow the public to then gaze upon it and join in! Creating an even bigger community in the process. Now, about the site. The site would store information about a story I have created, about Aliens, AI, and Humans.

This universe that I have created, It begins with Aliens. These Aliens are not like humans, but you could call them the creators of humans. The knowledge on them is very little, other then the fact they created two planets that are very similar but different in very noticeable ways. The AI are creations of Humans, and they are not fully in the story, yet. They play a big role in the future but currently, they hold no place. Then, the Humans.

There is two planets, that house humans. Both of these races are consistent with each other with evolution. Except, the planet of humans known as Trethix, the humans there differ from earth humans in three key ways. First way, Their eyes are unnaturally colored and glow, the second way is that they are Nocturnal, and the third way is that, Trethix has never had a war. Trethix is a very peaceful planet, and they don't have wars or major violence. They only have weapons that would equal our standard firearms from the 1980's, and they have no weapons of mass destruction or massive explosives. Now, Earth humans are also different then us, as they are incredibly more violent and aggressive. Earth is known for its aggressive nature, and is usually constantly at war. Due to this, many people live on the streets or broken down housing. But, you can buy a blade at any age you are able to talk and have the money for it, and guns can be bought at 16. Everyone on earth is forced to go through military basic on Earth as well. Now, there is a third race of humans that is not an Earthling or Trethixian. These humans are known as Hybrids. They are what is born when a Earthling and a Trethixian have a child. They have one trethixian eye, and one human eye. They can acclimate to both day and night. On Earth, Hybrids are looked down upon are thought of as scum of the Earth, while on Trethix they can live a normal life, with no racism. Now, these are not the only settings.

The Lobby is the space station between Earth and Trethix, and it was built after Trethix signed a peace contract with Earth in order to not be blown away by the power of the war-torn planet. Trethix is also incredibly advanced in technology, because of the lack of war and violence. Space travel is achieved because of Trethix. The Lobby is built for transit and meetings for people from Earth and Trethix. Now, all of this could build a great community and have a good place to be kept and stored if you helped.

Help me build this site, and this community, so it can gather people all around to create a story the likes of which most haven't seen! So, please, help my small community grow bigger, bring a incredible story and interaction to others, and help take this idea and grow it into something strong.