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Application text: We are an online gaming and avatar based site. Recently looking for a new place to hold our wiki. Wikidot's clean, user friendly accessibility seems to fit our needs in many ways.

We have recently come across the issue of how to deal with our icons and displaying them. Though, I am prepared to look into upgrading my own account for the additional storage.

I would like to see if there is any other options available since this is a fan made site to help the members of Solia Online. I do not get paid for spending the many hours learning to code it, it is through pure love and dedication for the site, that this has come about.

Since Solia Online has started anew, the old wiki ( from fandom) that was created back in 08 has been closed. I opted to turn to Wikidot due to its sleek look and ability to please many of our user base.

What options are currently available to me as a fan of Solia and a fan of Wikidot?