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Application text: Incarcerating Institutions are raising California’s youth. Incarcerated Youths largely come from families which are poor, have issues with substance abuse and being arrested as well as those which come from gangs.

Yet, the Incarcerating Institutions are unable to provide the Human Needs of juvenile inmates which my program will be able to do.
Approximately 86,823 youth are arrested in California each year. (2) One in Three Los Angeles County youth offenders is re-arrested within a year.(1) 74% of the youth released from the Division of Juvenile Justice were arrested again. (2) 92% receive a mental illness diagnosis. (1) The three‐year conviction rate for the 35,790 offenders who comprised the Fiscal Year 2012‐13 release cohort was 46.1 percent. (4)

The circumstances are such that the current rehabilitation/learning/treatment programs in place at this time are ineffective at rehabilitating our youth.
I want to provide an electronic device to each inmate (estimated total to begin 2,200) which assesses the individual and prepares a personal growth plan to work through which provides feedback and reward for progressing. The areas in personal growth include:
1. Belonging and Community;
2. Emotional Aptitude;
3. Identity;
4. Nutrition and Health; and
5. General Living Skills.
The Program will provide each individual with an opportunity to Rehabilitate with access to:
Educational classes, Computer Literacy, Livelihood, Health & Fitness and Whole Well Being. The Program will help in the following ways:
1. Increase Self Esteem and Self Confidence;
2. Build and Maintain a Personal Identity;
3. Bring a sense of Community and Belonging;
4. A more educated group of individuals leaving a detention facility;
5. Improve positive relationships; and
6. Collect and Organize reliable/vital data.