TI-Basic Developer

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Site address: tibasicdev.wikidot.com
Application text: TI-Basic Developer has been a popular reference for students wishing to utilize the full potential of their calculators since 2006. TI-Basic Developer provides reference information about hundreds of calculator commands, programming tutorials, and access to calculator experts through the forum. Providing community site status to TI-Basic Developer would help us to better fulfill our mission of promoting software development skills with graphing calculators. Currently, obtrusive pop-over ads interfere with the user experience on the site and may discourage users from returning. We would like scale back the obtrusiveness of these ads (while not eliminating them completely).

Additionally, the master admin on our site is no longer active in the community, and we feel that a community site would be better suited to the operation of TI-Basic Developer. The site is currently managed by by approximately three active administrators (including myself) and several moderators. Becoming a community site would allow us to better respond to changing needs over time.