Marketing and promotion of special libraries and collections: methods, vehicles and activities

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Application text: As part of a conference paper, I have completed a catalogue of established, suggested, and ‘tried and tested’ methods, vehicles and activities which may be used in the marketing and promotion of special libraries and collections.

Marketing and promotions of special libraries and collections is often challenging because collections can sit back-of-house and therefore is not visible, not be represented on the parent company's website, have a lack of budget and staffing, and have limited channels available for marketing.

In addition, I have repeatedly looked to literature for marketing and promotional ideas, and often the examples given in the literature are either few and far between or not able to be applied to my situation.

The special librarian network is extremely active on social media, and librarians have been extremely effective in taking-up collaborative and online tools such as wikis.

I have already produced the catalogue, and am hoping to make it into a wiki so that special librarians worldwide can use and add to the wiki and make it a valuable tool, but unfortunately I don't have any budget for that. I am hoping you can help by granting us a community site so that I can publish a wiki which will truly have a positive effect on a large community of people.