A Community Site for my fictional universe?

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Application text: Hello!

My name is Paul, and I run the YouTube channel "Ephemeral Rift" (link at bottom). On this channel, via the various videos I have made over the years, I have created a fictional universe that contains a variety of fictional characters.

I am looking to create a community or "fanfic" site (much like the SCP Foundation site as far as how users contribute stories to the site) where my community of viewers who watch my channel can register and contribute stories to this fictional universe I have created.

I do not have an existing community. This is a completely new endeavor for me. I have experience hosting a Wordpress website, and have some basic HTML knowledge, so I can handle the technical aspects to running a wikidot site.

I think the only real question I have is: which wikidot plan would be best for my purpsoes? I am not looking to gain something for "free" as I am just curious if I need the Pro plan or if what I am looking to achieve would fall under this "community" plan.

Any help and insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time!