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Application text: I have been teaching math for over fifteen years, and for the past six years I have been researching math edtech. I want to present what I have learned in such a way that community can add to it easily, best in multiple languages. The building blocks of the wiki should be resources, soulution journeys, reviews, collaboration, and problems.

These would include open classes such as MOOCs, (e)books, tutor lists, tutee requests, links to forums, list of contest, lists of meetups, lists of video lectures, new research ideas and requests for collaboration, quizes, tests, lists of conferences, games, app, curriculums, specific advice, know-how on how to learn, info about uni degrees, math edtech, project ideas, teaching tips, networking and collaborations, feedback requests on the solutions, reviews on the resources, funding and grants sources, community blogs, requests for volunteering, free time math activities, teaching tips and help requests, professional development topics, list of marketplace, popularization of research, biographies of important people in edu, assessments, unit plan, workbook, activities, exams, lab and contextual activities, math toys, learning aids, presentations, math art, teaching reflections, simulations, software, history, webquests.

Beside contact info on author, detailed info on the resource, as for the file, content, and desired audience, there would be material feedback, and a way to monetary support the author, if he or she chooses so (link to ko-fi,, patreon or paid shop).