Evacuation Go Bags for the Average Person

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Site address: evacuationbags.wikidot.org
Application text: The current California fires inspired me to write up a 9300 word guide for creating an evacuation go bag for the average person. The guide is already written in markdown. But since it has grown to 9300 words I am looking for a place to host this document and encourage people to correct and expand upon it. It would be lovely if the community took this project and ran with it. I also welcome your feed back on the best title and subdomain.

The intention of this document is to inspire and motivate the average person to take the first step towards building their own go bag. The goal is to make evacuation preparedness less intimidating by outlining means to take small steps to start building a go bag without the overhead of trying to build (and finance) the entire bag all at once. Any one step a person takes increases their chance of survival, minimize the impact on their health, and improve their comfort when they are unable to access their home. I want to motivate people to take these first steps.

The guide emphasizes that people don't have to immediately prepare for the apocalypse or wilderness/urban survival for 3 days. It outlines 6 different realistic scenarios a person could encounter (staying at a hotel when their home is temporarily uninhabitable or destroyed, staying at a shelter, walking to civilization, sticking around to help recovery, and then lastly the apocalypse), what type of conditions would put them in that situation, things to be aware of and plan for, and suggested items they could include in a go bag to best prepare for those scenarios and why they are helpful.

Since this document is already written, I can send you its current draft. Since it is so long, it can greatly benefit from the organization and collaboration tools that a wiki can provide.

Thank you for your consideration.