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Application text: Sony introduced the AIBO robot dog in 1999 and released 5 distinct series of dogs between 1999 and 2006. In 2006, Sony discontinued their robotics division and dropped all support. In 2018, Sony re-introduced a new series of their robot dog which has re-ignited and added to an already passionate community of collectors of the legacy series. Sadly, over time, valuable resources have been lost including documentation, conversations, repair guides, software, programming guides and techniques and other highly sought after content. Today, pockets of this content exist in deep recesses of the internet as well as in the hands of community members. I and a small group of fans are looking to setup a community repository to house and organize all of the content we can locate as well as to create new content. An active Discord community exists on this topic as well as a legacy forum site (, but neither provides a repository for all of the content we envision. Plus, having a community site would mean this content would survive through time and changing community membership. Thank you for considering this application.