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Application text: Hi guys,

I'm a visual effects industry veteran, and community has always been very important for me. I got a lot of help from mature artists when I was starting, and I'm now giving back, and continue learning from all the great artists out there.

I'm now planning to start a teaching platform. Would love to make a bit of money from it, but it's not the main goal - my main business is running my own visual effects company, and we're very interested in having high level education available for our current and future team members.

What would produce a great value for the community is to have a site that leads a person from just starting, all the way to a developed artist. Currently the knowledge is scattered and unstructured, and people are easily getting lost and confused. I can structure a ladder of learning, text and video content, all publicly available. Eventually adding other creators to the party would be awesome. All content would be available to everybody for free. Donations would be welcome. A private Discord server for people willing to pay for personal tuition. How does it sound?