Wiki Page for long-running web fiction

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Application text: I’m representing a group of highly passionate individuals interesting in creating a wiki page for a long-running web serial called Forge of Destiny, by Yrsillar, which started writing in early 2017, and has accumulated over a million words of story.

I (Xepheria), currently run the community discord server, with closing in on a thousand users, and work closely with Yrsillar on editing the story itself. A problem that our community has is that there is no easily accessible repository for information, so it’s much harder for newer readers to get a proper grasp on a lot of the topics and worldbuilding, with sources scattered through the text and years of accumulated word-of-god.

There currently exists a fandom.wikia site for the work, but, put frankly, it’s terrible and not fit for purpose, to say nothing of the mess that is Fandom itself. I decided that it would be easier to create a new version from the ground up, with proper structure, direction and source attribution, and thought that wikidot would be the perfect site to do that with.