Simpletodo Module


This module lets you create simple "todo" lists with items to check/uncheck/reorder. Installation is as easy as placing a one-line code in a page, i.e.

[[module SimpleToDo id="mylist1"]]


attribute required allowed values default description
id yes any string none identifies the list within a given site

The list is identified by its id attribute. You can have several lists in one page with different ids, and have the same list on different pages if you use the same id.

There is no "save" button in the list, it is saved in real-time as you change it.


  • to add an item, click "+ add item"
  • to edit an item, click on it, to save hit enter or click outside the input box
  • to reorder items, simply drag&drop
  • to edit list's title, click on it
  • to remove item, click on the red cross
  • to add a link to an item, click the "pen&link" icon; destination can be an url (e.g. or unix-name of a page within a wiki (e.g. start).
  • to remove a link, edit it and remove the text in the input box


The list can be altered by anyone who has edit permissions on the page the list is embedded in.


By simply copying the example code from above a list can be created:

Here is a place for your title
Click me to edit !
Drag me !
Get out for milk!
Here is a place for your title Click me to edit ! false

(most likely you are not allowed to edit this list)

The SimpleToDo module has been developed by e1n.