Wikidot in Education

Did you know that over 2,000 Education Wikis have been started at Wikidot last year?

Are you a researcher, teacher or lecturer?

With your Wiki For Education you can easily co-operate with your students. Thousands of our users found Wikidot a great tool to:

  • discuss research topics and collaborate with coworkers,
  • publish lesson / lecture notes and materials, including any PDF files or PowerPoint slides,
  • inform students about upcoming topics and events, also using RSS feeds to keep them up-to-date,
  • publish homework tasks,
  • create forums to discuss topics,
  • organize whole classes using Wikidot,
  • create separate wikis for groups or for each student.

We have seen numerous ways how educators and researchers use Wikidot. See the testimonials for more examples.

Wikidot For Education uses the most powerful Wiki syntax and engine and gives you all necessary tools for better education. Our engine is built not only to handle simple sites, but also whole portals.

You can:

  • create pages with news, resources, marks etc.
  • create and edit pages with others,
  • start common-created projects and collaboration,
  • search the history of changes, you can compare revisions of any page and you will never loose your content!
  • easily upload files, images, documents, notes and share it with your students and classmates,
  • use mathematical equations, bibliography items, footnotes and more…
  • easily organize your Site with categories, lists, menus,
  • use Modules — our killer feature — that easily add interactivity to wiki pages,
  • make your Site private and accessible only for you and your students,
  • change the theme of the Site, you can shoose from many modern, nice-looking themes,

You can also enrich your pages with videos, music, podcasts, imported RSS feeds, images, bookmarks, content from YouTube and other video sharing portals. Extend your pages using a growing number of Modules that will help you build truly interactive portals.

You can see full features list here. Also please look at the documentation section if you need more details.

The Educational status of your site can give you extra:

  • unlimited number of members even if your site is private
  • 25 GB for file uploads, each file up to 100 MB, more storage per request
  • SSL security
  • unlimited number of revisions per page
  • web traffic analytics
  • other small improvements

The Educational sites are absolutely free for educational / research purposes. Please create your site, enter Site Manager and look for Educational upgrade.

Please note that you need to be Master Administrator of the Site to apply for the educational status.

If you upgrade your account, Edu sites will retain its status and won't be upgraded to Pro. In order to upgrade them as well, please send an email at moc.todikiw|troppus#moc.todikiw|troppus

Who is eligible:

  • educators, researchers, school and academic teachers using Wikidot for research purposes or communicating with students
  • students and pupils for any activity associated with school or academic projects
  • the educational upgrade of individual sites cannot be combined with premium account upgrades