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"My Wikidot site is my Facebook, MySpace and online Photo Album all in one. It looks much more professional. and does the job so much better. That statement applies to my personal website: Wikidot really is amazing. You are one of the few people out there who try to make life easier for everyone and we all love you for it."

— James Kanjo James KanjoJames Kanjo

" was so easy to set up, the site was up and running literally within minutes. Using a Wikidot site has allowed Cobra enthusiasts from around the world to share experiences, technical information and tips very easily, collaborating to generate a great one-stop reference site for the Pilgrim Sumo replica. I tried several sites and found Wikidot to be the easiest to use….and it's totally free."
Graham Chedzoy
How to build a Pligrim Sumo

"It is a place for me to keep what I learn and things I always forget. For example technical details, tips and trick, how-tos etc.I write on it alone but the content might be useful for someone else. I really like the syntax of Wikidot and it think it is the best online/free wiki."
Reza Ghaffaripour

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Wikidot for Personal Website / Blog
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With Wikidot you can easily build your personal site or blog. Our engine's huge possibilities let you do the magic. Don't be limited only to one purpose. Well-known blog platforms allows you to blog. And only to blog. With Wikidot, you can do whatever you want. Personal page, blog, forum, community, photo gallery, video gallery, file repository, widgets, maps, music players. Not enough? We have more than you could expect.


Plugins for Flickr, YouTube, etc.

On your site you can easily embed media such as Flickr gallery, YouTube videos, Google Gadgets, Google Maps and lot more. See the full list of embeddable media.

Optional Google AdSense

Every user can insert advertisements (using Google AdSense integration) on its own site and earn money when visitors click on them.

Blogs, news, and RSS support

You can easily include news section on your page, create project or personal blogs and add RSS feeds. Include modules, embed video, audio, images to make your site content-rich and attractive. You can also upload files such as pdfs, word processor files, spreadsheets, images, videos and every other file.

Custom domain name

Wikidot can handle every custom domain. You are not obliged to have an address in our domain (* Isn't it better to have your own address e.g. instead of

Flexible look and feel

If you do care about the look of your site, you can always change one of the default theme for your own custom theme. Clear and comprehensive structure of our sites is making CSS stylesheets creation easy and fast. Your site can look exactly in a way you want.

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