Wikidot.com has been providing collaborative Wikis since 2006. During the time a lot of users found many benefits of using our service. Some of them actually wanted to share their experience and express opinion about Wikidot. Besides, nobody can explain the real value of the service better than its real users.

"Wikidot's beauty is its simplicity. The ease of creating a good looking website is absolutely outstanding. Perhaps the best thing however, is the knowledge that the developers are truly commited, and listen to the users. There is very little wrong with Wikidot, and that will get fixed."

— Tom Crowley SoopSoop

"This is the first step to the world human knowledge database."

— Patrick Lessard Patrick LessardPatrick Lessard

"Every day Wikidot makes my day! It is my number one web publishing productivity tool."

— André Rebentisch podmoklepodmokle
Business Consultant

"My Wikidot site is my Facebook, MySpace and online Photo Album all in one. It looks much more professional. and does the job so much better. That statement applies to my personal website. Wikidot really is amazing. You are one of the few people out there who try to make life easier for everyone and we all love you for it."

— James Kanjo James KanjoJames Kanjo

"Wikidot.com makes my live easier (and more enjoyable). It's still the best wiki platform (not that I'm looking for another one!).

A wiki provides an excellent way to share information. Most providers have annoying limitations or force you to show ads. Wikidot doesn't and has a nice community feel.

Do you have your own personal website to help people find you? With Wikidot you can easily create your own web presence. You can even use your own domain name like www.promodsharma.com.

What good is information you can't access? I collect inspirational and insightful quotations but I had trouble finding them at the right time. Thanks to Wikidot.com, I now have a nice repository at www.sparkinsight.com . What's more, others can also benefit.

I hate losing or misplacing information. So I put stuff on Wikidot.com whenever possible. I no longer worry about backups. A simple search finds what I want instantly. Beautiful!

You can build a wiki in steps. Before long, you'll have a meaningful site. Did I do that? Yes, with the help of Wikidot.com."

— Promod Sharma promodpromod

"So what is it I find good about Wikidot? Well firstly, it's simple to use and the community forums and help pages are clear and concise. Furthermore, it has a number of nice features. For example, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Backup feature, (Look forward to the restore feature!!), integration with youtube and Google maps, decent security and "wizards" to help make page builds easier.

I see the biggest benefit of Wikidot over normal Website development is twofold:

1. Everybody in an organisation/company/club can be responsible for its development, which by and large generates a much more exciting and dynamic website.

2. Normal websites often suffer a horrible web death as the enthusiasm of the Webmaster wanes. Point 1 above, helps prevent this as there are many "webmasters"."

— Mark Ramsay bsarchbsarch

"I am a consultant radiation oncologist interested in training.

Radonc.wikidot or "radonc.hv" provides a repository for me to add educational material to hopefully assist trainee specialists in the area of radiation oncology. It has a repository for previous examination papers. The forum provides a way to request additional features. Collaboration has not been enables as no users have requested this function."

— Andrew Miller AAMAAM

"My name is Chrys and I have been using wikidot for over a year now. My wiki is http://programmingexamples.wikidot.com/. I am a beginner programmer with terrible memory!

Everytime I learned something I used to write it down. In the beginning I wrote everything down on notebooks. Notebooks get lost, burned or destroyed. Then I used documents. Hard disk are not immutable and searching of information inside document is not efficient.

Wikidot served my purpose. Everytime I learn something new I just add it there. Now the answer to the request "I don't understand Java Semaphores. I wish I had a real example" is only a click away!"

— Chrysoulis Zambas ChrysZChrysZ

"I LOVE wikidot. I primarily use my private personal organization wiki. I put EVERYTHING there so I can get it anywhere there is an internet connection. I never have to wonder where a bit of information I need is. Its in wikidot!

I have barely scratched the surface of your awesome service. I have big plans for wikidot. It is so easy to use and feature rich … and its free! Unreal. I have lost count of the number of people I recommended wikidot to.

I am a software developer and use wikidot to capture to share information with my clients. With wikidot I have captured so much knowledge that would have been lost. Everytime I produce a presumed lost piece of information for a client, a new wikidot advocate is born. Clients love it.

I'm not much of writer so I hope those are OK. I really can't say enough good things about the service you provide. As a developer, I am humbled by your skills. Great, great job!"

— Warren Hales warrenhaleswarrenhales

"I have been a big fan of Wikidot since I got on it a year ago. I was so tired of running my websites on servers that were flaky and having to deal with complicated uploads every time I wanted to make a change.

After some research I found that Wikidot might be what I needed in terms of exhibiting my work online in a way that was easy to use and super easy to keep updated and alive.

I love the fact that I don't really need to be a programmer to make this tool work its magic for me. It allows me to personalize the look and feel of my website without having to spend hours on the coding end. And whats nicer is that I can do it during those inbetween times while taking a break. It's just so easy that it's become my little pet hobby to keep fiddling and tweaking my site.

So now a year later - I have set up 2 other sites (with two more coming up shortly) in addition to my own personal site. I am an artist and all the sites that I have set up are for art and cultural orgs. They help me keep tab of the work we do and document with utmost ease all the activities we persue.

Thanks a ton for keeping this amazing tool running. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in panic - my big fear is that you guys will decide to shut shop or take a break and leave me out in the cold again. So please keep your energy and love for this project going strong :)"

— Archana Prasad arcna does not match any existing user name
http://www.archanaprasad.wikidot.com (personal)
http://www.namelessnow.wikidot.com (group)
http://www.bcp.wikidot.com (group)
http://www.samuha.wikidot.com (group - in progress)
http://www.craftscouncil.wikidot.com (organisation - in progress)

"Wikidot has helped me a lot with my schoolwork and getting my notes rounded up. What's cool is that I am putting it in an encyclopedia type form so that people might be able to use my notes in the future. Also through wikidot, I was able to find another site with a theme developed around my hobby, and I am now an active contributer of something I enjoy doing."

— Timothy Foster Timothy FosterTimothy Foster
student at iSchool High
The Archive of Random Material — http://tarm.wikidot.com

"My site talks about the Clinical Supervision in Nursing and has been a great help to many students who need examples of how to develop research in this area. Is monitored by analytics and by StatCounter which are two good tools that give important information about who, where, when and why people look at our page. It is easy and intuitive to do Wiki pages, which is a big advantage. The Layouts have a professional and credible look. The possibility of having an interactive site is very good if we want to build pages with the participation of several persons."

— Sidónio Faria sidoniofariasidoniofaria

"I’ve been using the Wikidot site for several months now and I have to say that you’ve done a great job – I am a coder myself and I can see that you are working with far more robust architecture than many more amateur PHP Wiki farms."

— Alex Whittaker SlowlearnerSlowlearner
Software Manager

"Wikidot - it really is an excellent service. Since I got my Wiki I have abandoned my 'traditional' personal website because editing a Wiki is so much faster and can be done from anywhere.

I'm a research scientist with responsibility for teaching undergraduate students and my personal Wiki is invaluable for organising my teaching. Several students have commented on the effectiveness of providing teaching materials via my wiki and the fact that different versions of tutorials or reading lists are automatically archived is great for me.

I'm also the webmaster for a reenactment society called the Wychwood Warriors (the Oxford University Reenactment Society). Maintaining the Wiki is so much quicker than maintaining our static website and we have used it to build up a fantastic community-edited knowledgebase for our members to use. We simply could not have done this using a standard website. It also makes my job as webmaster much easier!"

— Dr Freya Harrison axebreakeraxebreaker

"It is a place for me to keep what i learn and things i always forget. for example technical details, tips and trick, how-tos, etc. I write on it alone but the content might be useful for someone else. I really like the syntax of wikidot and it think it is the best online/free wiki."

— Reza Ghaffaripour Reza Ghaffaripour does not match any existing user name

"UNITY Guild, along with millions of others, are players within the World of Warcraft. We were looking for much more than the usual website for community gamers. We needed it to be interactive, fun and also 'sticky' for members of the Guild to not only scroll through the site but add to it as well.

Wikidot offered us the opportunity in trying out a wiki site for the Guild. From day one it has bee a complete success and we have people outside of the Guild (from all over the world) popping in to have a look. Many have dropped a short note to say they love the wiki and we have also seen (and encouraged) other Guilds to join in and create their own wiki too.

The wikidot community is strong and very supportive and one we here at UNITY are very happy to be part of."

— Paul Stafford cronozcronoz

"I love wikidot because it's got many advanced features while still remaining free. It lets me rapidly create a new site which looks good and is functional out of the box. Short of installing a wiki in your own hosting space, this is to me the best way to create a wiki, with the added advantage that everything is already configured and working. Keep it up!"

— Jorge Arroyo makamaka

"Thanks to Wikidot the portal Sasana.wikidot.com is right now probably the biggest and most efective website about Theravada Buddhism in Poland. We`ve just published one paper-book, and more are on the way. Our aim is to promote Theravada Buddhism in polish society by translating dhamma-talks written/spoken by the most famous Theravada Teachers. As for Wikidot and Wikidot Team - SADHU! (well done, good job :))"

— Piotr Jagodziński Har-DaoHar-Dao

"I searched far and wide for a wiki farm that would enable me to organize (and localize) various hints & tips about my favourite beat-em-up game. Roughly a year later the game's main english-speaking portal has set up its own wiki, yet even now i feel that my fan-made version on wikidot is far more intuitive."

— Criss Oliva erdraugerdraug

"Wikidot has been an incredibly valuable resource in the classroom - I can use it for taking notes on my white board, and the students can go home and access them on their own! I've also got a student-wiki project going (which may or may not come to fruition…) which helps students connect their work to the world outside the classroom."

— John Curtin Johnny CJohnny C

"Wikidot is an incredible technology for innovation and learning! Wikidot hosts a wiki for each course I teach and for each project I do. This approach makes all parts of my job fit together seamlessly, so I can be a better! Now that's cool!"

— Donald Elger DonElgerDonElger
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Idaho

"I have integrated wikis in a number of my courses at the Ohio State University. By integrating wikis into my course I aim to improve student’s critical literacy of internet and scholarly materials, writing and editing skills and awareness of the complex responsibilities and ethical concerns anthropologists face when writing about other people. Students make both individual as well as collaborative contributions to the wikis. The participatory nature of wikis makes them very suitable for collaborative work.

One of our wikis is public (http://foragers.wikidot.com/). The wiki aims to be an extensive resource on hunter-gatherer societies. The wiki integrates humanistic, scientific and activist approaches to the study of forager societies, covers different theoretical perspectives, examines a wide range of diverse populations and includes discussions of scientific debates.

I compared multiple wikis before I choose wikidot. It is one of the cleanest, nicest, and easiest wikis to use. Neither my students nor I experienced a steep learning curve using Wikidot (though several commented
that they were initially intimidated by wiki technology). Students made amazing contributions to the wiki and by the end of the course were proficient users."

— Mark Moritz Mark MoritzMark Moritz
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
The Ohio State University


"We have been using Wikidot as an educational tool at our university for a year. It is a great tool to engage our students with their education"

— Matthew Lee MatthewLeeMatthewLee
PhD MBA, RMIT International University Vietnam

"My organization (ResortCom International) is distributed across both coasts of the US (Florida and California) and Mexico City, Mexico. I also have a remote supervisor in the Dominican Republic. We use a hosted Knoweldgebase system (RightNow Technologies), but the wiki helps us to keep a sense of collaboration and cohesion amongst my team members. Additionally, it serves to archive the "whys, hows, whens, wheres discussions" in a chronological order that is not well suited in a article based knowledgbase System or Microsoft Outlook."

— Eric Warner EricWEricW

"I chose wikidot for my class webpage at the University of Nouakchott because wikidot provides an easy format for me to use. It did not require a lot of time to set up, nor a lot of knowledge of html. As well, the wikidot page can be kept simple so it downloads for my students who are using slow dial up internet connections.

With the free statcounter on my website, I am able to track student use and this year so far, I think I have had as many hits from students as all of last year. I think this reflects the growing available of ADSL in Mauritania and also a younger class that is more excited about internet as an aid to their education."

— Louise Green greenwritinggreenwriting
University of Nouakchott

"Wikidot was the most amazing help to me over this year. I am a mother , wife, fulltime night shift working nurse and I also happen to be studying fulltime bachelor of learning management at Uni. The number of group assignments this year was overwhelming , but Wikidot was there and the most amazingly useful and time saving tool I've ever used. Geographically my cohort members were all over the Sunshine Coast and Wikidot brought us together so easily- it was brilliant! Thankyou Wikidot."

— Cherie Harrop harropia1harropia1

"I have now been using wikidot to host my NGO site at www.reacha.org since Jan 08. We are working in the areas of education, health & family welfare, sports, agriculture, environmental conservation etc. The experience has been extremely enriching and rewarding.

Through our site we are currently reaching out to about 150 schools across India via our onlineKHOJ Project (KHOJ means 'discovery' in Hindi). The KHOJ project seeks solutions to everyday problems…traffic, ecology, environment, health etc by involving the masses through the persuasive skills of school children. The project also seeks to enable and empower every child discover his/her hidden potential and nurture it for a noble cause. Active college volunteering is one of the highlights of this site/project.

I personally thank you for creating this wonderful platform. The ease of updations, uploads, easy access from anywhere etc make it an amazingly 'hands-on' platform. A novice like me was able to learn website development for my NGO without having to hire a professional.

My rewarding experience has encouraged me to help others create their wikidot sites too which are in their initial stage of development."


"I work as a IT consultant specialising in PeopleSoft (a large ERP application owned by Oracle) and found that I had developed a lot of specalised knowledge that I wanted to make available for myself and others. Wikidot was the perfect solution! I had a wiki up and running in minutes and from there I gradually tweaked it to meet my needs (e.g. adding a forum, changing the layout, Google adsense etc). My site has since developed a decent user base and its still as simple as ever to manage. Congratulations on creating such a fantastic site."

— Praj Basnet PrajPraj

"We use wikidot.com to securely compile and provide access to all documents, programs specification, notes, and passdown relating our business. Using wikidot as a tool, we've been able to provide a level of consistency and communication that was previously impossible. We use wiki pages to archive, update, and reference all our programs rules, policies and various procedures as well as provide instant access to current concerns between our houses through the forum. We also upload 'master copies' of all our daily logs, forms, and various documents.

Sorry all of this is fairly vague, but that is actually a beautiful aspect of wikidot! that we're able to control who accesses our information. At this time, the site is private and only available to current TFT employees because of confidentiality requirements. Wikidot allows us to step into a new age of communication while still adhering to 'old age' legalities."

— Michael Bess Michael BessMichael Bess
The Family Table, House Manager

"I came to Wikidot as an alternative to setting up my own wiki software - my web server didn't have the capacity to support it, so I looked instead for the most practical, function-focused, no-nonsense wiki network I could find. I've since started a number of wikis here, including a a fansite for gaming/storytelling (Silicon City: siliconcity.wikidot.com), an archive of game design content (GameBriefcase: gamebrief.wikidot.com), and a promotional site for a local charity event (Bubbles Ball: bubblesball.wikidot.com). A appreciate Wikidot in particular because it allows me to work with page code, rather than being stuck with WYSIWYG tools, giving me the greater degree of control I want over my pages."

— Fox Lee Fox LeeFox Lee

"Our website, The City Archive (cityarchive.wikidot.com), allows the far-flung members of our role-playing group to keep up-to-date on "the world" and its multifarious happenings, as well as letting past and present members get to know each other through the Forum feature. Thanks a lot for providing the service!"

— Hannah Emery diana2261diana2261

"I'm a physical therapy professor at the Medical College of GA in Augusta, GA, USA and decided to use wikidot to create a virtual classroom that would replace my institution's course management system offering. The site worked extremely well and it has gotten much attention around the country. I've presented it both locally and nationally and have had some colleagues also begin to use wikis only after seeing what I was able to create with wikidot.

I found things like Google Analytics integration to be key in helping me design proper navigation structure within the site. I didn't have students contribute to the site (short course, no wiki experience)…but the point in my mind is that wikidot is powerful and flexible enough to take on the role of a virtual learning environment and succeed…at no cost to me!"

— Eric Robertson Eric RobertsonEric Robertson
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Medical College of Georgia

"The Sandbox team works on a same project from four different locations. Wikidot helps us share information between the team in a very efficient and collaborative way."

— Antoine Verdon Antoine VerdonAntoine Verdon
CEO of Sandbox

"I absolutely love wikidot, I have created a few wikis myself, and started one for a teaching project I was involved with. Besides this I have song your prises to a wide range of friends. Some of the conversations have begun with the phrase. Well basicly a wiki is…But is feel comfortable sending people to wikidot. Besides a few details, it is very intuitive to use. I also love that there are no advertising unless you want to. Much respect and love from Denmark."

— Peter Froberg FrobergFroberg

"Wikidot has turned out to be a great way for me to develop and host my website. Wikidot makes it easy for me to add nicely formatted content to the site, and provides me good control over visual appearance via themes, templates, and CSS customizations. It also supports rich content based on Java and Javascript. In my opinion, Wikidot is a difficult act to beat for easy and powerful web authoring and hosting.

Keep up the good work with Wikidot!"

— Lalit Pant litanlitan

"I use wikidot.com for a blog/education project. And I love it because it is easy-to-use, it supports scientific typography (LaTeX), and it is dependable. Oh, and the cost is amazingly low! I think that wiki-style collaboration is the growing tip of human development, and so the Wikidot team is truly making the world a better place. Three cheers for wikidot.com!"

— Thomas Cave TB CaveTB Cave

"Since I decided to use Wikidot to create my page, I've been received a lot of e-mails about the information on my page (www.regismain.wikidot.com). Wikidot is very easy to work on, and that helps a lot, helping people with the information that I used to keep only on my mind. Thank you, Wiki team, to share this tool with us."

— Reginaldo Silva Regis SilvaRegis Silva

"I have established 5 wikis thus far, One is more for personal use, but the other five are for public consumption.

All of my work is related to tourism. I am a former IBM US Sales executive (28 years with the company) and my wife (of 32 years) is a native of Cochabamba, Bolivia. We long planned to retire here and did so two years ago. During my career with IBM, besides living in the USA, we lived in Paris, France for 5 years, and Tokyo, Japan for 4 years. I have traveled for work or pleasure to about 40 countries and in retirement I hope to visit even more. As a person who likes to experience new lands and cultures, I decided to create a wiki that would allow me to capture my learnings as we explore Latin America and share with others. Along that line, I have recognized that it is very much less expensive to live in the developing world and that others who may not be so financially well off might benefit from knowing they have an option in retirement. In stead of retiring to near poverty in the US, they could make their retirement income go much further if they considered living in Latin America. So…. I have developed a wiki about retirement in Latin America that ties in with the more tourism oriented wikis.

I chose to use a wiki format as it is easier to maintain (limited html) and because I knew I would eventually need to recruit other persons (likely expats like myself) to contribute to the content.
I chose wikidot based upon some research into the best tool for my needs - free, yet robust in capabilities and with a growing user community.
I am looking forward to the new features you are implementing."

— Jon Routh ExpatExpat

"Wikidot.com was so easy to set up, the site was up and running literally within minutes. Using a Wikidot.com site has allowed Cobra enthusiasts from around the world to share experiences, technical information and tips very easily, collaberating to generate a great one-stop reference site for the Pilgrim Sumo replica. I tried several sites and found wikidot.com to be the easiest to use….and it's totally free."

— Graham Chedzoy chedzchedz

" I have created quite a few sites over the past months. I find the entire system VERY easy to use and it's even FUN to do so. I am a member of a club and I created several sites for the club to allow the members to communicated more easily and it was a COMPLETE success.
So, BRAVO for this possibility."

— Henrik Silberstein

"I have spent years trying to find the best way to relay all the necessary information to my employees. Since I work at a college, I hire at least 30 part-time work-study students. Each semester we have new faces to train on our policies and procedures. After the initial training, I would have them read our paper procedure manual. I would send out emails and memos to remind people or update them. I would even print out these memos and emails and place them in the back of the procedure manual. And every semester people would still be asking the same questions and not adhering to our policies and procedures, until I
discovered Wikidot. I have every policy and procedure on the wiki. Everything is searchable. I have even added an FAQ page with every question I or the student workers have been asked. I have added training tutorials to the site as well as PDF forms. I finally have one-stop-shopping for all the information my employees need to do their job. I actually have more time to do my job, since the barrage of questions and problems have been solved by my employees.

Thank you Wikidot!!!

P.S. Sorry if that last part is a little cheesy. I was asked to speak at the college's supervisor training. I showed everyone my wiki. They were floored. I never saw so many open mouthed expressions. Than the questions came … how long did it take you to do this, how hard is it to use, can I get a student worker to help me. I had people emailing me asking how to get to the site. I seriously cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful product."

— Tammy Miller

"At my wikidot site I chose to embed third party feedback forms, video clips, photo albums, calendars, newsletters and etc. And in this way with just a few lines of code I was able to craft together a very rhobust website that beautifully features the shared ministries of three churches sharing one location."

— Richard Lindeman richlindrichlind
Pastor at Three Churches One Location in Coon Rapids, MN

"I don't know what to say, but Wikidot is an excellent wiki. Simple but effective. My movement http://www.jbdk.org or http://janganbugildepankamera.wikidot.com can be an evidence. No more than one month, it is spreading and still to entire Indonesia. We have been a news in almost all media, newspaper, magazine, radio and television. Thank you for being a tool, so jbdk.org is one of the fastest campaign ever been in the internet."

— Peri Umar Farouk aperiaperi

"In terms of versatility and features, I have never been more satisfied with a free-site service than I am with wikidot. In the past I've spent hours looking for the best possible options and since finding wikidot, I've transferred all of my sites over. Thanks for the great service."

— Whane Whane The WhipWhane The Whip

"I use Wikidot as the primary Web site for my class (http://bit330f08.wikidot.com). Its flexibility, simplicity, and stability has provided me and the students the ideal repository and communication channel. I tried many other tools and approaches to creating a course Web site. Wikidot is the one for me."

— Dr. Scott Moore samooresamoore
Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Associate Professor, Business Information Technology

"Wikidot has more cool features for free (including the ability to add your own domain name to your site) than any other wiki service I know of. They've been a great place to post my Canadian history/social studies lessons. I know of no better wiki host."

— James Dykstra LinusLinus

"Wikidot is a great site that allows us to share knowledge within our company. It's simple to use and capture key information quickly and saves us hours of work compared to reviewing notes and documents by email chain. We've found it fast, reliable, and secure. Even better it's free!"

— Sid Haniff shaniffshaniff

"I'm using wikidot.com both personally and professionally - I work as a professor in bioinformatics and like to have my lecture notes, materials, and exercises in wiki form, so I can quickly edit and modify them. We have also set up a workgroup collaboration wiki for our research projects. It has really been tremendously helpful."

— Prof. Dr. Sven Rahmann Sven RahmannSven Rahmann
Computer Science Department, TU Dortmund

"I am a Committee Member of Javea Computer Club in Spain. We had a Web site that was quite complex, resulting in difficulties in editing it quickly enough to show Club activities. We switched to WIKIDOT and…… SUPERB……quick, easy to edit and versatile. Now always up-to-date. As a result, I've set up 3 more WIKI's for other Associations."

— Morris Gray morrisgmorrisg

"I use Wikidot to manage a graduate course on History and New Media because wikidot is far easier to use,and has many more features than the software packages my university uses. The students use the site to post and discuss their semester-long projects and like it very much.

I have also used Wikidot to manage a planning committee for an academic organization, where we post, edit and comment on drafts of planning documents. Again, it has been easy to use and powerful."

— Cathy Moran Hajo, Ph.D.
New York University

"As an IT Manager for a relatively small restaurant company, I have to look for inexpensive solutions to solve much of our information needs. We have been using the open source version of Wikidot on a dedicated server since February of 2008 to act as a repository for much of our intellectual capital. This includes hosting our 300+ page Operations Manual (converted from a Microsoft Word document), training materials, marketing materials, common help desk type questions and answers and a discussion forum for our staff and managers to share ideas and discuss operational issues. We currently have about 200 staff and managers who access our site for critical, current information.

The main benefits for our company include:
1. Easy editing and updating of information.
2. All updates are available in "real time". No more waiting for weeks or months to publish and distribute new updates to our materials.
3. Information is easily accessible and referenced from anywhere the users have Internet access.
4. A great way to keep operational discussions out of the "reply-all" e-mail trap that tends to bog us down. We are making better decisions and implementing them faster as a direct result of using Wikidot!

After evaluating many commercial and open source applications, I settled on Wikidot because I find it easy to setup and maintain and easy to train others in its use. The support from the development team and the Wikidot community of users is second to none. At some point, I believe we will convert our public web site to Wikidot. It's a great framework to work in!"

— Ed Johnson Ed JohnsonEd Johnson
IT Manager

"I've been involved in helping organizations and companies exploit the full potential of the Internet to achieve their marketing, public relations, publicity or fund raising objectives since 1994. During that time ePublicist has exploited web, blog and more recently wiki platforms in our search for powerful, easy to use tools to organize a mix of rich media. Key to our criteria is not just ease of use, but non-technical user friendly. Hands down, WikiDot.com has the slickest, most professional looking and easy to use wiki offering in the entire Internet universe! More importantly, not only is it easy for the non-initiated to use, but the well versed professional can exploit all the tools of the web-blog technologies to make a WikiDot.com site as powerful and attractive as any other technology, with less effort and time. ePublicist uses WikiDot.com now almost exclusively for our client's various ad-hoc and permanent Internet presences."

— Yoel Ben-Avraham

"I'm astudent at the University of Québec at Montreal (UQAM) - My Teams and I are very statisfy of the WikiDot platform. The platform help us to collaborate efficiently within a team including with our professor. The platform help us to make our work without exchanging bunch of emails and documents, etc.. Universities should have a such tool to help students and professors to collaborate between them."

— Jean André JeanAJeanA

"We have been using wikidot for 2 years now, for our boy scout troop. It provides some great features like templates, themes, image lists, user privileges and RSS feed to name a few. Above all there are no annoying advertisement. Wikidot people are constantly adding more new features; keep up the good work."

— Alok Sancheti AlokAlok

"I started using Wikidot for my personal website and when I realised that it appeared on the first page of a google search, I decided to use it for my business website too - http://derwentyard.wikidot.com/.

What I like about Wikidot is that it's free, it's a great marketing tool for my business and, as a completely non-technical person, I have created professional looking websites in about an hour. I also know that I don't use Wikidot to its full potential and that I could do so much more with my sites - maybe one day I will."

— Diane Bushnell gingernutmixer does not match any existing user name

"I'm using Wikidot for educational purposes. Wikidot provides me and my students with an easy way of dynamically inserting whatever I / they want to put on my Wikidot-site.
One of the things Wikidot allows you to do is putting 'exercices' on the web. Example: http://ontleden-nederlands.wikidot.com. The site is in Dutch, but you can easily see how it works. (And no ads(!) plus an easy layout)."

— Arie Molendijk RTCRTC

"I've been using Wikidot as a convenient resource to access no matter what computer I'm using. I can input my study notes in class and then review them from work or home. I have some collaborative projects as well that everyone can participate in. How easy to throw a potluck and have everyone input what they are bringing in a central location."

— Jeff Shepherd shepstershepster

"Wikidot is a truly unique and powerful platform with a highly intuitive interface. Getting my first wiki up'n'running was piece of cake, and there's an excellent selection of tools and themes available. I ran intro trouble once but got the issues solved almost instantly through the user forums. To sum up, highly recommended, give it a spin!"

— Kasper Bergholt KasperBergholt does not match any existing user name

"YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip - (YERT.com) uses Wikidot extensively to collaborate on project ideas, proposals, meeting notes, and research about environmental topics. Most of the team members are spread across a variety of states, so the real-time collaborative features of Wikidot, not to mention the change tracking, really help keep track of the activities of the organization. We plan to eventually open up a wikidot wiki for our audience, but for now we use it for internal business. YERT loves Wikidot!!"

— Mark Dixon

"As an open-source software developer and maintainer, I'm extremely happy with Wikidot. It provides the whole range of features needed for keeping projects information up to date, monitor the site activity and interact with others, and yet its usage is so simple that very little knowledge and effort are required to set up, maintain or contribute to a wiki. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start a collaborative project."

— Carlo Baldassi UnNeurone does not match any existing user name
LiquidRescale GIMP plugin: http://liquidrescale.wikidot.com
LiquidRescale Library: http://liblqr.wikidot.com

"Wikidot is a perfect solution for a Students' Association homepage. You don't need to care about anything but the content; and all the members can contribute."

— Piotr Migdał pmigdalpmigdal
University of Warsaw

"I searched for a tool to create a wiki for a Browsergame and found wikidot a easy usable tool. It's easy to create new pages and put together a lot of knowledge in a well structured way."
— Laurana Lanthalassa FuxiFuxi

"I must admit that Wikidot is very useful for me - about three of my Wikidot children are still growing up and all of them concern different subjects. One of these projects, which is named "Biznesik" (http://biznesik.wikidot.com), was created as a addition to master's degree thesis (I wrote one chapter about it in my master's degree thesis). In my opinion this project is to be a source of information for small and medium enterprises. My second Wikidot service is connected with my job-university lecturer. E-Student (http://e-student.wikidot.com) is a platform created for exchanging information between me and my students. I can
publish there terms of classes, modify the content in force for next exercises, write: notes, mind maps and presentations. Wikidot is also very useful during classes when students create their own collections of handy links for exercises (this is a kind of private workshop). They create subject dictionaries using Wikidot-technology too. The last one of my Wikidot children is Silva Rerum (http://silva-rerum.wikidot.com) which brings me relax after work. This is a corner of internet where me and my boyfriend present our hobbies and things in which we are interested, from these less like collecting of pictures from matches to these greatest like botany and numismatics."

— Honorata Kostrzewa drzewojadrzewoja

"I'm the Secretary of the U.S. Libertarian Party Platform Committee and on the Executive Committee of the California Libertarian Party. I now use Wikidot for all my latest web sites — the Platform Committee, my congressional campaign web site, and a green libertarian advocacy site. It's so easy to use that I created a Wikidot-based website-in-a-box template for other Libertarian candidates, and several are already using it. Wikidot's uptime has been close to flawless — better even than the commercial hosting service I use for my oldest site."

— Brian Holtz

"I used Wikidot to create an online project tracker for my department which is spread all over the Outback in Australia's Northern Territory. We use it collaborate, store and share information on more than 40 Aboriginal tourism development projects. My boss was highly impressed as he had been quoted around $50K for much the same thing by a developer. I did it for free with Wikidot and no training. Keep up the good work."

— Matt Grooby
Industry Development Officer – Indigenous Tourism
Tourism NT

"LUMC is an outdoors club at a Uni and we converted from a static html website to the wiki and haven't looked back. Most of our members are great at rock climbing, caving, skiing or paddling but not so great at technology. Wikidot proved to be easy enough for everyone to get involved with developing and maintaining the website and has ensured the information stays timely and relevant. Not to mention it is far more sexy than our old website! Of particular benefit is the ease with which content feeds from other sites could be aggregated on our frontpage."

— Peter Donald peter_donaldpeter_donald

"I use Wikidot at my university for internal documentation of my job and coordinating its activities with my colleagues. I also helped my friend setup a Wikidot website for his business. It has benefitted him by connecting him with job leads and potential employees in the area. Thanks for the excellent services.

— Timothy Brinkley educationeducation

"Wikidot.com's simplified collaboration tools, unlimited features, and ease of use allows a business to focus more resources on their customers. Wikidot.com empowers the internet to finally be an effective tool for collaboration between thousands of users and millions of ideas.

— David Durant Wiki Wealth does not match any existing user name
Founder, Wikiwealth.com

"I use wikidot as an personal notepad for my work and my hobbies.Best of all you have access to your notes from anywhere. Wikidot is the perfect tool to maintain your thoughts and ideas in a structured way."

— Santhy Raghavan santysanty

"I like your product very much. When I decided to create a wiki, I tried about ten different wiki sites before deciding to use Wikidot. Wikidot is fast, powerful and easy to use, even for a novice like me. I use my wiki everyday to organize all kinds of information that is important to me, both business and recreational; it's my personal notebook. Thanks for developing such a great product."

— Asya Usvitsky ausvitskausvitsk

"I use Wikidot to host a community website which informs English speaking people about the local Agenda21 process in our Spanish town. I love the ease of use, collaborative options and ability to embed external content. We are building up a searchable archive of documents which we hope will be a useful reference in the future. I am administrator on two other wikidots. It's great and flexible tool!"

— Chris B. Jones chrisbjchrisbj

"Wikidot does what most wiki sites don't do, it takes care of all the basic options you need in a manner that is simple, useful, reliable, and clever. But is also offers more to feed the ambitious."

— Paul Wayner KingAlbertKingAlbert

"We are using Wikidot for an international research in the field of the History of medicine and we are finding out that it gives us a very powerful and easy tool for inter-academic projects. Thank you, Wikidot!"

— Luca Broghi Luca BorghiLuca Borghi
Universita' Campus Bio-Medico di Roma

"No advertisements, No bells and whistles, straightforward approach is the heart of wikidot which enables me to quickly update and organize my life all the times. Wikidot has served me much better then my expectations."

— Sunil Choudhary suchoudhsuchoudh

"I have published a few books, calendars and photographs on Lulu -
http://www.lulu.com. I was introduced to Wikidots by a fellow Lulu user,
and our work is featured at

I reached the stage when could easily have taken more than my fair share of
that Wikidot for my own work, so started developing separate Wikidots on
which I could develop themes around my different interests. Then to bring
these separate Wikidots together I have started developing the Susan Watkin"
Wikidot http://susanwatkin.wikidot.com/

To date my Wikidots apart from the Lulu Wikidot) have not been
collaborative, but two that I am planning will be - on etymology and

Before working on the Wikidots I had tried creating websites using ftp, but
find the Wikidots easier to work with. I know there is a lot more I could
do on the technical side (I am still learning!) but I find it easier not to
use ftp, and I like the structured layout."

— Susan Watkin SusanatLuluSusanatLulu

"Wikidot is an excellent site with great possibilities. I enjoy editing pag=
es easily and seeing my sites popularity rising. It's amazing how great thi=
s is and how its free too!"

— Darryn McTavish weedarrweedarr

"Practically i am pretty wordles here and now. I have used wikidot in so
many ways, that it is pretty hard to consider it as "wiki" anymore. It
is so expandaple, that i would ratherly call it as "all-purpose online

Heck, i have used or use wikidot for blogging, purely informational
website and even full community site for ascii programmers. At one point
it was an image gallery for me and once, a hided design and
communication website for game developers. Damn, i cant even remember
all things where i have used wikidot.

My latest idea is to write a online book with wikidot.

I like to do websites, i have many of them. Thanks to wikidot, i have
saved myself from hundreds…no, read it as thousands of hours to write
php/html/java/python and so on."

— E.K.Virtanen EKVirtanenEKVirtanen

"I am a post-doctoral fellow in Mathematics at Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, Canada.

I find Wikidot a very useful tool in keeping track of ideas before they are put together into research papers. It makes it convenient to work from various computers. Early in a project, it is not always clear what will be important and relevant to a given paper. The Wikidot allows me to develop various ideas, and keep track of how they are related.

Ideally, it will also be a tool for collaboration, this is why I started using it, but I have yet to get collaborators interested in it as a tool."

— Mark Siggers marksiggersmarksiggers

"Wikidot is simply the best content-management tool available. It is ideal for building a community-based knowledge database such as ours (http://www.etnolinguistica.org), allowing for the right combination of editorial control and public input. And, as if Wikidot's qualities weren't enough, there is a rather active, knowledgeable, and generous user community (http://community.wikidot.com), always eager to make one's Wikidot experience a productive and exciting one."

— Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro kawinakawina

""Wikidot has the perfect mix of under-the-hood flexibility and user-friendliness for moderate power-users such as myself."


"Now I am working since 1967 in the electronical data processing world.Till today I have never found a better solution to structure and maintain a web site on such an easy way for complete non-technical interested people. I made this experience very often in the past: newbies started with some simple questions - where to find which documentation and tutorials - and now they are "monsters of the web" with wonderful structured and featured sites and a lot of visitors. It is amazing how easy and fast the idea of wikidot is getting the people fascinated by creating their own community. Does not matter really if it is about a little business, a group of public writers or a private group of members like an educational classroom!
A fascinating element too is the growing community (on their own wiki) - helping new users, translating the self written handbook (it is a wiki) in other languages and customizable by all the users them self. The "showcases" and the "featured sites" (these are pages on the community site) show a lot of different usages of the wikidot.com system on the web. It is this community which discusses new wishes, make proposals of new inventions and try to drive on the way wikidot should go. On the other hand - with such a lot of different wishes it is a very good idea, that the control of all this development lies in the wikidot.inc and his inventor Michal Frackowiak.
And this whole wiki-farm is not only free of adsense and free of costs but you can implement your own adsense if you want - and spend on this way 20 % of your income to wikidot for helping with their own costs."

—Helmuti_pdorf Helmuti_pdorf does not match any existing user name

"My name is Jonathan Whitmore, and I started the UCSD Physics Qualifying Exams wikidot (http://ucsdquals.wikidot.com/) to organize the previous Physics Ph.d qualifying exams and solutions. The wikidot format allows for other people to easily add their input to the site, and I've had an extremely positive response from my fellow physics graduate students."

— Jonathan Whitmore

"Our Wiki is a community website to organise and capture information given to others within the Coffeetime Forum. A Forum is great for discussion and specific help, but once given that information is lost! Wikidot.com is easy to use and allows us to capture, organise and deliver the same information in an easily searchable form, freely available to anyone in the world on a 24x7 basis."

— DaveC DaveCDaveC

"Wikidot seems irreplaceable in my masters thesis, as I explore the various collaboration technologies that will empower the future of Architecture."

— Edward G. Solodukhin arch1karch1k

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