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Lorel Oran

5 Aug 1991
Homework is not meant to do the teacher's work for the child, nor is it meant to discourage the child from studying. The tasks of homework are: To consolidate what has been learned. As you know, repetition is the mother of learning. Putting the acquired knowledge into practice. School knowledge should be applicable in the real world surrounding the child. Homework gives you an opportunity to apply new information and understand its value. Development of independence. Homework may require searching for additional information, doing a little research, and working through the material independently. Development of creative thinking and interest in learning. Essays, drawings, projects are a way of approaching the subject in a creative way, sharing your own opinion, learning interesting facts. Understanding the essence of phenomena. Homework helps your child to find cause-and-effect connections and form his or her own point of view. It's great when a student has help in the form of an online service. So with just one phrase, "Write My Paper for Me" they can choose the best help for themselves!
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