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Michael Driscoll
Bemidji, Minnesota
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26 Feb 2011 03:33
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I am a full time college student. I am attending Bemidji State University which is located in north central Minnesota.
I was raised in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota. I attended college after I graduated from high school.
I am back, after spending 15-years working in the field of veterinary medicine.
I will graduate this Spring with a B.A. in Liberal Studies. I will go on to pursue a
B.S. in Computer Science.

I am not a "student-older-than-average" as much as I'm a "student-MUCH-older-than-average." Returning to school
has long been my dream. It is difficult, and it tends to be lonely. It's a trade-off, I know, and I'll take it.
I do live on-campus, and I am privileged to share my dorm room with my dog, "Tawny," or "Tawny Toes," or
simply, "The Toes." She is a medical therapy dog now, and before that, she made her appearance in my life when
she was admitted to the emergency hospital in which I worked. She was diagnosed with canine parvo-virus. The
couple who brought her in were very young, and they had just begun feeding her from their back porch when she strayed
into their yard. They had no money to pay for treating her, and parvo would call for a good stretch of time spent in an isolation ward, IV
fluids and IV meds and a lot of supportive care. The cost starts at about $2500. The death due to parvo is long, drawn-out, and cruel, so they surrendered her for euthanasia. The emergency clinician on duty at the time refused to end her life until we were introduced. I had lost my
greyhound, "Art," to cancer. Although I was not looking or especially even wanting another dog in my life, I went down without much of a struggle…ha…I nursed her in the kitchen of my home to save money, and she has been my friend, and nearly the only constant family I have known for these eight years.

My wiki - I started this wiki for an English class about weblogs and wikis. I have much to learn!

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