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Publisher, Palaeographer, Toponymist, Historian, Author, Poet, Editor, Graphic Designer and Webmaster. Has worked for the Royal Institution of Cornwall, the Cornwall Record Office and the Office for National Statistics. Mainly employed in the cataloguing and transcribing of historical manuscripts and maps, dating back to c.1200.

I am the proprietor of The Cornovia Press. I am a long term member of the Cornwall Archaeological Society, a member of the Royal Institution of Cornwall and an honorary member of the Camborne Old Cornwall Society. My Facebook page can be found at

My particular interests are publishing, the place names of Cornwall, manorial records, medieval cartularies, the prehistory of Cornwall, SVG, web 2.0 and beyond, forteana, GIS, football, and postcards of the prehistoric monuments of western Europe, of which I have over a thousand in my collection, mostly dating from the first few decades of the 20th century.

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