Seeking home for large facebook group of Raspberry Pi hobbyists

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Site address:
Application text: I'm a member of a rather large Facebook group of electronics hobbyists who develop using Raspberry Pi and related devices.
The group has over 100k members and is growing daily. You can hopefully see it at

One of the challenges is that many newcomers all ask the same questions upon arrival, like:
Can I build a NAS with my Pi?
What's a good case for my Pi?
I have no idea what to build. What's a good starter project?

The FB group lacks any way to collect and curate the answers to this (and hundreds of other similar questions). So I'm looking for a host/site where we can offer several things:
1. A welcome page for newcomers orienting them to the group and educating them on expectations and resources available. We'd post this as required reading during the group signup process.
2. An idea page of projects, that are links to various blogs, videos, etc, of things other people have built.
3. Lists of resources like good shops for getting Raspberry Pi supplies around the world
4. Some quick reference documentation like pinouts and specs for various device models.
5. (??? .. I'm sure others in the group will have ideas of content they'd like to see made available)

A typical wiki style site with perhaps 5-10 editors or admins seems like it would fit our needs well. The Facebook group is easy to find, which is one of the reasons it continues to grow so fast. We're all pretty tech savvy so I don't think we'd need much help from the Wikidot team beyond maybe getting pointed to a few templates or something.

So, are we worthy? ;)

Thanks, Brian