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Application text: Building a product or a startup is tough - there's a lot of content out there, but it's hard to filter out what is important, how to best apply it and when.

I am building a wiki for startup founders with everything you need to build an idea into a profitable product and scalable venture. I already have a lot of content from previous consulting, venture building and product management engagements, and would love to put it in a structured order and make it accessible to anyone who needs it. The content focuses on agile, lean, scrum, kanban and design thinking methodologies, covering ideation, growth and scaling stages, in text, visual and video formats.

The idea is to promote the wiki in the startup ecosystem, and crowd-source even more awesome content for everyone to use. I already have a network in Germany and Australia, as well as connections to other international ecosystems in Morocco, India and Indonesia.

I do not plan to monetise this wiki - it is purely a community-based knowledge-sharing project for early-stage startup founders, who are also not in a financial position to pay for such a service. Therefore, a Community Site would be the perfect solution to share this knowledge for free. In turn, I expect the startup ecosystem to adopt and promote wikidot within their own companies.