The Doomsday Agency: Impact Event

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Application text: The Doomsday Agency is a fictional government funded branch of operatives designated to assist US citizens during a potentially world ending crisis.

In this world, a meteor shower of radioactive meteors mainly composed of uranium, polonium and silicon. A large percent of these meteors struck Eurasia turning it into a wasteland. With a few striking Africa, the American Mid-west, Australia, South America, Greenland, Iceland, Madagascar and Mexico. Only three hit the American East coast and West coast.

US Citizens and house pets were evacuated into bunkers by the DA (Doomsday Agency) to ensure Americas survival. Other countries were not given any support from the US and didn't have any crisis funds, therefore Mexico, South America and Cuba were left to become a wasteland. Mexico grew a hatred towards the US and vowed to try to bring them down for their lack of support in a time of need. Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela assist the US with research within their continent. Southern countries in South America have became feral and tribe-like due to radiation and meteors striking in that region.