Quake 2 Forever

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Site address: quake2forever.wikidot.com

Status: this is just an idea I need help with

Application text:
I want my site to be a place that brings together the ENTIRE Quake 2 gaming community under one banner to unify all the disparate Quake 2 sub-communities invested in the Quake 2 game franchise into ONE all-consuming ever-expanding resource-pool wiki that provides everyone involved with whatever they need AND easily facilitates them adding more stuff to this wiki, i want my site to be a place that includes all the leaders of all the Quake 2 sub-communities in the highest level of administration and decision-making in this wiki, i want my site to eventually become THE comprehensive end-all-be-all centre of the Quake 2 gaming community - id Software recently released a 25th anniversary remaster of Quake 2 so now is the time to gather everyone/everything together in one place to maximalise the longevity of the Quake 2 gaming community.

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