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Site address: highspell.com

Status: already running

Application text:
It is a game that has a very small community and is more of a passion project for the owner admittedly. However, the group of players are dedicated and when we have new players join they HATE using Fandom, so we are having issues keeping new players since they do not have a good starter guide.

I have been editing the Vscape Wikidot page (just as a community member, not an owner) for a while now, and as I get more comfortble with using it, I am not really interested in using other wikisites.

If we do not meet standards, please let me know what would be needed to meet them, thank you for the consideration.

I am particularly interested in using my CSS page that is already on here and the base wikidot editing features (to answer the question below). Having no ads on a wiki makes a difference as well as not having a jarring color scheme (like Fandom)