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Site address: mirapedia.wikidot.com

Status: this is just an idea I need help with

Application text:
The Mirapedia project was born in the framework of my doctoral research at the University of Huelva, Spain. Mirapedia aims to be a participatory repository on the heritage of Miramar in Ansenuza, province of Córdoba, Argentina. It would be the first open Wiki on cultural heritage in the region, which seeks to encourage the public to participate in collective synergies of knowledge production through cooperation and discussion, creating a true cultural polyphony of community participation.

We have the support of local associations, museums and educational institutions, therefore and for being on a tight budget, we consider that the possibility of a community site would allow us to have the right tools to develop our wiki and that local stakeholders can maintain the running of the site without burdening them monetarily.

For more information about my research and the Mirapedia project, you can access the following papers:

Thank you for your time, if you have any questions we can go into more detail about the project, and I look forward to a favourable response. Best regards.