Comments Module


Inserts page discussion below page contents. A very useful module if you want to comment contents of the page.

By default, if the visitor has enough permissions, the form for comments is already open. This can be changed by setting the hideForm="true" attribute.


attribute required allowed values default description
title no text string "" shows alternate heading for the comments block
hide no "true" "false" hides the discussion and requires user click to show it
hideForm no "true", "yes" "false" does not display the open input form by default, just a link to add a comment
order no "reverse", "forwards" forwards If set to "reverse", this shows comments in reverse order, newest above oldest


Initially hidden discussion.

[[module Comments hide="true"]]

Full discussion within a page.

[[module Comments]]

Make the comments block be listed in [[toc]] (by disabling the default heading and insert a heading manually):

+ Comments

[[module Comments]]