NextPreviousPage Module

This module is deprecated. Use the ListPages module with the tag and category selectors instead.

The NextPage and PreviousPage modules automatically create links to the next or previous page in the category with several type of sorting.


attribute required allowed values default description
category no comma- or space-separated names, * for all categories current category the category where next / previous pages are chosen from
by no title, date date changes the way of choosing next / previous page
tags no comma- or space-separated tag names with + and - modifiers,
or @URL
none lists tags that are used as a criteria to select pages, the "+" before the tag makes it required, "-" means "without a tag" and tags without modifiers translate to "pages that have any of those tags";
a special tag "=" adds all the tags that are present in the current page

Item format

You can define what NextPage / PreviousPage will display as it's result. You can use the format in the same way as in the ListPages module.


Example 1

[[module NextPage by="title"]]
**Next documentation page:** %%linked_title%%

[[module PreviousPage by="title"]]
**Previous documentation page:** %%linked_title%%

Result 1

Next documentation page: OrphanedPages Module

Previous documentation page: NextPreviousPage Module

or you can use this code to place the links on the left and right side of your page (blog-like):

Example 2

[[div style="overflow: hidden"]]

[[div style="overflow: hidden; float: left; clear: left"]]
[[module PreviousPage]]
Previous: %%linked_title%%

[[div style="overflow: hidden; float: right"]]
[[module NextPage]]
Next: %%linked_title%%


Result 2