Community Sites

What are Community Sites?

Community Sites consist of most popular, high-quality and community-driven projects at Wikidot. Community Sites combine the best of our free and paid plans:

  • Free to run
  • More capable than Pro Plus
  • Migration support from Wikidot Team

Very often these above-the-line sites gather growing communities and require extra resources. By becoming a Community Site each of them is guaranteed to get resources required not only to bypass limits of free or paid plans, but also to become (with our help if requested) a top-quality wiki.

Moreover, the Community Sites concept addresses the problem of free (or even paid) sites quickly becoming so large that it requires a higher paid plan. Which is not always acceptable for fan-driven communities.

Why is Wikidot investing in Community Sites?

We constantly see admins of free (or even paid) sites asking us for extra features required by their growing sites. We have been helping them in numerous cases because we believe that every successful site is our success too. We have already seen that this works!

We see the Community Sites category as an accelerator that would bootstrap new great sites and help existing sites become even better.

We are open to specific needs of particular sites and (if required) we will implement features and improvements to the Wikidot platform.

What are the conditions to get a Community Site status and how to do it?

Obtaining a Community Site status is a simple process:

1. Fill an online application
2. We will get back to you with more details

The applications are processed by the Wikidot Team. To be accepted a site should:

  • contain quality, original content
  • be driven by an active community
  • be publicly available with either open or closed membership

Who owns a Community Site and why is there no Master Admin?

As opposed to a regular Wikidot site, a Community Site does not have an owner (aka Master Admin). It is run by Admins, Moderators and Members, but does not depend on a single, particular person. This, judging from our past experience with other sites, vastly improves the continuity of the site by distributing the responsibilities to the group of admins.

How many admins a Community Site should have?

We encourage more than one admin to guarantee continuity of the site.

I have a paid account but want to convert my sites to Community Sites

No problem. Paid sites can be converted to Community Sites too. Moreover, if you decide that you do not need your paid account any more, we can issue a refund proportional to the remaining time of your paid plan.

Does my Community Site affect my free/paid account?

No. Community Sites are separated from your personal plan and do not affect your account. Neither storage nor traffic of any Community Site is included in your account usage.

Can a Community Site be deleted?

No. Certain options, including renaming and removing, are disabled for Community Sites.

Can I take over an abandoned Community Site?

Yes! Each such case is processed individually, so just get in touch with us!

Running advertising on Community Sites

As with free sites and high-traffic paid sites, we reserve the right to run advertising on Community Sites. However, ads will never be shown to any logged-in users, so your community should not be affected at all.

I have a great idea for a Community Site!

Let us know by filling the application. If you can convince us to your idea we might help you build your Community Site!